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Screen Memory, Social Distancing & Speculative Fiction: The Geek Anthropologist 2021 in Review

emmalouisebackeanthro , January 1st, 2022

2021 wasn’t quite the year we anticipated, nor does the conclusion of the year feel like it does justice to the warped sense of time, distance, and stasis…

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Teaching Digital Anthropology Through Minecraft

emmalouisebackeanthro , February 11th, 2021

By David Davies Humans.Machines.Pandemic.Presence. Meeting online presents a challenge because we are synchronized in time, but not in place. While it might seem we are “together apart” like…

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minecraft photo realism

zephyrin_xirdal , November 30th, 2014

Look at what you can make out of ‘Minecraft.’ Just look at it.     Neither the idea nor the mods necessary are by me—I just went some…

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