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Widening the lens: English teaching volunteering

Ruthie_W_writes , November 16th, 2020

by Ruthie Walters Overseas volunteering has received a lot of attention in academia, in the media and on social media. Yet, the focus tends to be on the volunteer, often from…

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Going home. Going home? The anthropologist is coming along

guestanthropologist , December 16th, 2019

by Hannah Schwemin Booking flights, getting train tickets, stuffing bags and guessing how much space we need for the food we will bring back with us from our…

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Refugees and Police Violence in Calais

Alexandra Frankel , December 11th, 2017

An anthropologist reflects on ethical responsibility and everyday violence. Sitting on a bench in a beautiful town-center park in Calais, we speak to a number of Ethiopian refugees…

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Crossing the Border

guestanthropologist , February 10th, 2017

by Iris Ruyu Lin When I returned to the U.K. from Norway on 15th of January, it was my first trip back to the country since moving to…

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The Rail Strikes: The Unheard Voices of Train Drivers

guestanthropologist , January 30th, 2017

  by Kate Longland **A shorter version was published 24 January 2017 at http://www.ecnmy.org/engage/asked-southern-rail-drivers-theyre-strike/** The Southern rail strikes have been quite a hot to…

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China’s East Wind Blows… To Barking, London

guestanthropologist , January 30th, 2017

by Magnus Marsden Magnus Marsden and Diana Ibañez Tirado anticipate the arrival of the ‘East Wind’ freight train in London from the Chinese city of Yiwu. As much…

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From the Field: Herat

guestanthropologist , January 23rd, 2017

Notes from the Field: Regional Connectivity as a Site for the Ethnography of Diplomacy, Afghanistan 6/10/16 – 6/11/16 was originally published on the University of Copenhagen’s Asian Dynamics Blog….

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