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who is fighting?

zephyrin_xirdal , March 17th, 2019

Zeph’s pop culture quiz #62 In the spectacles of a gentleman—who is sporting a quite ↵distinctive tie knot, by the way—two people fighting are reflected. Who are they?…

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who is inside?

zephyrin_xirdal , January 9th, 2019

zeph’s pop culture quiz #61 A warplane in camouflage flies over snowy mountains. But who is inside? What I am asking for are the names of the two…

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which movie?

zephyrin_xirdal , October 21st, 2017

zeph’s pop culture quiz #60 A man is sitting in the cinema. Which movie is he watching? Mind, I am not asking from which film the screenshot is…

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beware the frying pan

zephyrin_xirdal , April 3rd, 2017

  The most ferocious weapon in “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds!” This is actual online gameplay (nothing staged, never met the other player before), enhanced with music and sou…

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at hell’s gate

zephyrin_xirdal , March 27th, 2017

  Ten minutes of classic “Quake Live” Free for All deathmatch madness on the map “Hell’s Gate” (formerly Q3TOURNEY3). Featuring a nice comeback with some quite fun…

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