Reflections on Anthropology and Human Rights

aaaguestcontributor , December 10th, 2018

Members of the AAA’s Members’ Programmatic, Advisory, and Advocacy Committee (MPAAC) reflect on the relationship between anthropology and human rights in honor of Human Rights Day and the…

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AAA Resources on Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Leila Rodriguez , October 19th, 2018

[pquote] The MPAAC Ethics Representatives work closely with the AAA Ethics Advisory Group to field member queries about ethically difficult situations. [/pquote] We devote this month’s MPAAC column…

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MPAAC, Sexual Harassment, and Immigration

Leila Rodriguez , February 14th, 2018

[pquote] MPAAC embodies the spirit of the previously distinct committees but now functions as a single entity to generate more coordinated and focused efforts vis-à-vis both the discipline…

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