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The hybrid media space of nerd politics

John Postill , January 25th, 2017

Invited paper to the ECPR joint sessions workshop on Digital Media and the Spatial Transformation of Public Contention, Nottingham, UK, 27-30 April 2017. Abstract The rise of WikiLeaks,…


16. A letter from Jakarta

John Postill , March 21st, 2015

Many years ago, in 1987, I left Madrid and came to Jakarta to become a journalist. For about a year, I was a trainee at Tempo magazine and…


Workshop note on digital media and socio-political change

John Postill , March 3rd, 2015

By Victor Lasa On 20 February 2015, Dr John Postill convened a workshop with fellow RMIT scholars and research students around the topic of ‚ÄúDigital media and socio-political…