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Reclaiming relationships and thinking differently about people in healthcare systems: reflections on insider-fieldwork, access and inclusion

Rebecca_Irons , December 5th, 2022

SARAH YARDLEY Instead of trying to construct healthcare systems that don’t rely on people knowing each other, our energies would be better spent focused on creating mechanisms that…

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Treading softly while jumping through hoops: ethnographic adventures in pursuit of palliative medication work-as-done in hospice, hospital and at home

Rebecca_Irons , November 28th, 2022

DR SALLY-ANNE FRANCIS & DR SARAH YARDLEY “I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” (W.B.Yeats) “A rapid, focused ethnography…

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Reflecting on reflexivity: A practical example of reporting your reflexive practice

Rebecca_Irons , November 21st, 2022

DR JESSICA REES As distinguished by Chiseri-Strater (1996) “to be reflective does not demand an ‘other,’ while to be reflexive demands both another and some self- conscious awareness…

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Living with multiple health conditions in an East-London borough: early findings from a participatory photography project

Rebecca_Irons , November 14th, 2022

ESCA VAN BLARIKOM Multimorbidity in the UK Historically, biomedicine focused on single disease categories. As a result, many of our current clinical guidelines are almost exclusively focused on…

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Rapid ethnographies in the NHS

Rebecca_Irons , November 7th, 2022

STEPHANIE KUMPUNEN Long-form ethnography is a long-term investment…but rapid ethnography can help sometimes Traditional long-form ethnography on health and care services has proven es…

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Early Career Ethnographers of the NHS: Series Introduction

Rebecca_Irons , October 31st, 2022

REBECCA IRONS Social Science and Humanities research with and on the NHS has never been more urgent than in a post-pandemic context. However, interdisciplinary collaboration with health servic…

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