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Jennifer Hsieh takes the page 99 test

| , February 10th, 2020

Jennifer Hsieh Page 99 Test Media scholars, philosophers, and anthropologists have all written about noise—that mysterious sonic object that can be grating to the ear at the same…

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Sonido, Música y Ciudad: Una Investigación sobre el ruido en Mérida, Yucatán

Gabriela Vargas-Cetina , October 13th, 2019

El problema y el proyecto  En 2017, mientras yo conducía un curso sobre sonido y cultura, se recrudeció la controversia alrededor del ruido en la ciudad de Mérida,…

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Speaking with Silence

Adam Hodges , October 23rd, 2018

Silence can be a powerful communicative tool in today’s political landscape. Words take center stage in the verbal sparring of the Twitter age. Against the backdrop of Trumpian…

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反对声音自然主义 | Against Sonic Naturalism

Gabriele , June 28th, 2018

At the end of last year, I had the privilege to be part of the best academic conference ever – full spoilers, it’s called Tuning Speculation, it’s broadly…

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Static noise

localcult. , December 14th, 2016

Created using the static and peak noise recorded on a field recorder while walking around the suburbs of Glen Innes and Panmure, Auckland (in particular the area of…

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David Novak on “The Dubbing of a New Era: Audiocassettes, Open Access and the Dissonances of Digital Democracy”

Alexandra Lippman , May 14th, 2016

  Brian Dettmer, Skull 11 (80’s metal), 2007 I am excited for Dave Novak‘s upcoming talk May 26th at UC Davis. I will serve as the discussant for…

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