Tag: non-communicable disease

Chronic living: ethnographic explorations of daily lives swayed by (multiple) medical conditions by Ayo Wahlberg

Ayo Wahlberg , February 25th, 2021

On the 12th of January 2020, the World Health Organization confirmed that the “mystery virus” which, according to reports from China, had infected some 50 people in the…


Africa, the Cutting Edge for Health Care: Lessons from The Continent for the U.S. during COVID-19 by Emma Bunkley

Emma Bunkley , February 25th, 2021

While the United States is often celebrated as a global leader in health expertise, it currently leads the world in COVID-19 infections and deaths. African countries, often considered…


Syndemics of COVID-19 and “pre-existing conditions” by Clare Herrick

Clare Herrick , March 30th, 2020

As I write, there are more than 660,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 30,000 deaths across almost every country in the world, with infection rates accelerating everywhere…