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Interrogating the Concept of Categories – an Interview with Lochlann Jain

Anna , October 1st, 2019

Stanford University anthropologist and artist, Lochlann Jain, speaks with Anne Brackenbury (former editor at University of Toronto Press who launched the ethnoGRAPHIC Series) to talk about Jain’s new…

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“42 steps.” SMS poetry from the school corridor

csabaracs , July 17th, 2015

In October 2014 I joined a school project that was about emphasizing the importance of poetry. Different student groups undertook the opportunity to reinterpret traditional poems via videos…


Three! (anthro-po-etry)

csabaracs , June 27th, 2015

100 words I stood on the edge of the square… a lot of strangers were there… I heard the echos of their grey talking about the weather… You…


The moment after anticipation #2

csabaracs , June 24th, 2015

(*This paper is part of a larger place mapping project.) The least preferred places in Riga tended to be mentioned by teens where they had concerns about their…


“I’m crazy for the moment.” A quest for rituals #1

csabaracs , June 20th, 2015

„-T.: OMG! Doherty claims he’s clean. That’s not Doherty anymore. ”Sex, Drugs and rock’n’roll” prince of the 21th (sic) century is now dead to me. – T. added:…


quantification prescribing interaction

zephyrin_xirdal , November 11th, 2014

Artist and composer ↑Ben[jamin] Grosser, currently teaching at the School of Art & Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, two days ago has published his fine article “&da…

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fix at pleasure

zephyrin_xirdal , October 31st, 2014

In addition to his substantial contributions to science (see Bogolyubov, Mikhailov & Yushkevich 2007) the eminent swiss mathematician and physicist ↑Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) also wrote te…

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beyond cyberpunk revisited

zephyrin_xirdal , September 15th, 2014

Back in August 2006 here at xirdalium I wrote ↵an entry [worthwhile, lots of associations] on Gareth Branwyn’s and Peter Sugarman’s 1991 HyperCard classic ‘↑Beyond cyberpu…

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digital china on cyberanthropology

zephyrin_xirdal , September 12th, 2014

Well, here it is—to my knowledge the first ↑English-language review of my book ‘Cyberanthropology’ (2011) [which is in German]. ↑Annika Pissin of Lunds Universitet’s project ↑Digital…

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