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Translation Citation

john hutnyk , May 7th, 2022

It makes some sense to check the most often quoted, beloved bits, and expand them a little to see what that author might also have been saying Sometimes…


Immensely facilitated

john hutnyk , April 6th, 2022

VLUU L210 / Samsung L210 A scrap from a 1996 notebook, it was sent to the aut-op-sy listserve: In the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels formulated a paragraph…



john hutnyk , January 13th, 2021

In an essay last term, students Làu Cẩm Tú and Hồ Phạm Ngọc Trân brought out the problems and possibilities inherent in Ruth Benedicts work style – though there is…


Mother of Pearl

john hutnyk , September 9th, 2019

Moving from detective fiction in Thailand to commercial reproduction makes sense when its Angela Savage. This is my next non-work read: Some review snippets lifted from Angela’s blog:…


What did you do in the war…

john hutnyk , June 28th, 2019

Just out in History and Anthropology. Not my usual kind of thing, but experiments that might lead to a new thing… The first fifty 35 people to email me can…



john hutnyk , January 2nd, 2019

More notes for the novel… Brexit schzmexit we need much more to fix it so that neither Tories or Labour can govern. While a Party of the New…



john hutnyk , December 31st, 2018

I want to keep this response handy. One may think that the essay form does not suit minimalism, and really you needed just to send a postcard. Something…


Worker or Labour

john hutnyk , December 16th, 2018

Note for later… on the difference between worker and labour. Is it not obvious there are questions to ask here about demarcation – is a worker everyone under…


Rosa now more than ever

john hutnyk , December 12th, 2018

Rosa now more than ever Or why Rosa is someone who should be read at this point in time.    To be a student of Rosa Luxemburg today is assisted hugely by the…


History tick tock

john hutnyk , June 27th, 2018

A somewhat strange take on the watch mechanism metaphor for history, and on village structure, from K.N.Chaudhuri. Asia Before Europe (explaining Braudel).


Handy hints on cracking up

john hutnyk , June 9th, 2018

F.Scott-Fitzgerald’s ‘crack-up’ as a model for going on with when needs must and all around have been ripping each other to shreds in a mass fraternal suicide: ‘I…


Steve Redhead: Theoretical Times

john hutnyk , March 17th, 2018

I’ve read most of Steve Redhead’s work over the years. Maybe not all the Virilio stuff as I leave that to Sophie, but this is the next one…


Bollywood and women

john hutnyk , August 3rd, 2017

For the reminder files, an email response to a student met doing Capital in India proposing a PhD on women in Bollywood. I'm not sure I'm the one…


Kill your darls no. 9 – more cuts and buts…

john hutnyk , April 21st, 2017

Yet ‘Epistemological performance is how you construct yourself and the world as an object of knowing’ says Spivak at the University of Kwazulu-Natal 8th Annual Teaching and Learning…


Kill your darlings 8

john hutnyk , April 14th, 2017

The footnotes are getting the chop chop treatment too. It is a sad sad day. A bad bad way to relegate people to the acknowledgements. Is it just…


kill your darlings 7 – soon there will only be seven words left…

john hutnyk , April 14th, 2017

An approach that experiments with a frame shift towards a political and allegorical register cannot keep up with that level of work, even as it relies wholly upon…


Kill your darlings part 7

john hutnyk , April 13th, 2017

The slaughter of excess paragraphs and cul de sac ideas continues to leave this residue here in case I need to return… There are several admirable reasons for…


Kill your darlings #6

john hutnyk , April 11th, 2017

Now the collection of – clunky concrete poetry – things dumped here show just how rough the first draft really was. Out damn spot, out. It is always…



john hutnyk , December 1st, 2016

Tracking down the old man’s arrival records from Europe to Australia. He was a violent drunken shit, but I do appreciate at least his refrain about how we…