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Saurabh Dube. Post/de/colonial.

john hutnyk , May 26th, 2021

This is an actual event – by which I mean an important discussion that makes important moves, negotiates languages and ambiguities of the decolonial/postcolonial/colonial. There is good material…


Rosa now more than ever

john hutnyk , December 12th, 2018

Rosa now more than ever Or why Rosa is someone who should be read at this point in time.    To be a student of Rosa Luxemburg today is assisted hugely by the…


29. Freedom technologists bibliography, M-Z

John Postill , February 21st, 2016

Freedom Technologists: Digital Activism and Political Change in the 21st Century (working title), Chapter 2, Freedom Technologists ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY, PART 2 This is the twenty-ninth post in th…


Million Mask Marching #Performance

Vita Peacock , October 20th, 2015

People have been trickling into the top of Trafalgar Square since noon. By five darkness has launched its steady discolouration of the world and there must be over…


Review of The Logic of Connective Action by Bennett and Segerberg

John Postill , June 25th, 2015

The Logic of Connective Action: Digital Media and the Personalization of Contentious Politics. W.L. Bennett and A. Segerberg. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. 240 pp. John Postill RMIT…


The Kids are more than all right

Susan D. Blum , October 10th, 2014

Both are seventeen. They are too young to vote in places like the US. But we need more of them! Malala! All around the world people know this…

→Susan D. Blum: Learning versus Schooling - Learning versus Schooling: A Blog About Both

Anthropology and the State during Globalization

Jason Antrosio , November 7th, 2013

What’s happening with the anthropology of the state? It seemed that in the 1990s, anthropology was breaking from the ethnographic trilogy of one fieldworker, one village, one year,…

→Living Anthropologically

New Media Practices and the 2012 Presidential Elections

puellaludens , December 18th, 2012

The past few posts I have written all belong to a collection of case studies about new media practices and the 2012 elections. I want to collect them…

→Anthropology – Puella Ludens