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Notes on the 12th digital ethnography reading (Lane 2016)

John Postill , July 30th, 2016

Lane, J. (2016). The Digital Street: An Ethnographic Study of Networked Street Life in Harlem. American Behavioral Scientist, 60(1), 43-58. doi: 10.1177/0002764215601711 Notes by Jolynna Sinanan Digit…


Notes on the fourth digital ethnography reading (Gehl 2014)

John Postill , October 31st, 2015

by Katya Tokareva PhD Candidate RMIT University, Melbourne See other posts on the digital ethnography reading group (DERG) In the fourth session of the monthly Digital Ethnography Reading…


Personal and public aesthetics: What I learned from my own visceral reactions in the field

ucsanha , June 25th, 2015

Photo by Nell Hayes   At first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but over the first several months in my fieldsite in northern Chile I…

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Tweeting Sweden: Complicating Anthropology through the Analysis of the World’s Most Democratic Twitter Account

Angela VandenBroek , June 4th, 2014

Here is my presentation from this Spring’s Theorizing the Web Conference. Stream from #TtW14 Did you find this presentation interesting? You should watch the rest of the panel. Great…

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