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Heidi Mogstad , November 22nd, 2022

Research takes you to unexpected places. After finishing my PhD, I got a postdoc position at the ERC-funded project WARFUN led by Antonio De Lauri at the Christian…

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Sliding through life

Tatiana Rabinovich , September 29th, 2022

On a chilly afternoon in April of 2016, Lana and I were about to embark on a ride through Saint Petersburg’s bustling downtown, so she was instructing me…

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Can scholar-led publishers find common cause?

Anne Brackenbury , July 18th, 2022

Image by Nick Youngson, courtesy of Picpedia.org. A couple of months ago, I was trawling Twitter looking for inspiration when I came across a notice that Libraria –…

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“You hurt our monuments, you hurt our heroes, you go to jail for ten years”: Contested histories at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021

Stefan Ecks , July 14th, 2022

Minutes before Trump told his supporters to march on the US Capitol and to “fight like hell,” he reminded them of a “little law” against attacking national monuments:…

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Sister Parks: North American Coloniality and the Monarch Butterfly

Columba González-Duarte , June 10th, 2022

Monarch migration and the making of North America At the end of each summer, the northern prairies and Great Lakes regions of North America host a new generation…

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When Nothing Fits

Annika Benz , June 8th, 2022

Disclaimer: All people mentioned were able to choose how they want to appear in this text. They chose to appear by their clear name and/or activist alias. They…

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please use your discretion to adjust your hope

Špela Drnovšek Zorko , June 3rd, 2022

any day or part day that the individual sees their child in person in the UK counts as a day on which they see their child in the…

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“We don’t have to whisper”: Fieldnotes from Odesa

Adrienne Mannov , April 5th, 2022

I met Engineer Yakiv[1] on board a merchant ship I had joined just south of Sri Lanka in early 2013. I was there to study seafarers’ perceptions of…

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Multispecies Anarchism in the Postnuclear World

Anibal Garcia Arregui , April 1st, 2022

Connect the dots between “state”, “imperialism”, and “war”. Add “leaders”, “testosterone” and “nukes”. Look at the picture and tell me anarchism was a bad idea. In effect, as…

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Who gets to be ‘Myanmar’ at the ICJ?

Judith Beyer , February 19th, 2022

The Myanmar military will appear at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague on 21 February 2022. Their main interest does not lie in defending the…

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How Do Personal Data and Algorithms Influence Our Sense of Self?

Natalia Kucirkova , January 12th, 2022

  All achievement is threatened by the machine, as long as it dares to take its place in the mind, instead of obeying. That the master’s hand no…

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Street Affects in Kashmir

Bushra Punjabi , January 11th, 2022

This piece offers an ‘inside-out’ perspective on everyday life in a militarized space. As a researcher and a Kashmiri, the writer is struggling to document the ordinary-everyday lives…

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The only lesson is that there aren’t enough jobs

Daniel Souleles , October 8th, 2021

Every so often something happens that perfectly encapsulates the consumptive death rattle that is the job market in higher education. A few weeks ago, the department of anthropology…


Ethnographic Film at the Crossroads

Christos Varvantakis , July 29th, 2021

Ethnographic film is blooming Ethnographic film, however loosely defined, is blooming. While to track and map the entire production of ethnographic film appears next-to impossible, I want to…


Incitement! Incremental Theory for an Imminent Fascism

Towards an Anthropology of Coups

Jastinder Kaur , July 27th, 2021

When is a coup a coup? Reflections on the anthropological study of ‘coups’ There have been more than 200 coups in 95 countries over the last 75 years,…


Amazon Sidewalk Needs our Trust for its Security

S.A. Applin , July 16th, 2021

On June 8, 2021, Amazon deployed an “opt-in” way for people to enable the company to expand its private network into communities, creating infrastructure to peddle even more…


#Fieldnotes: Dreams and Personal Pursuits in Seoul: Part II

James Bo Gyu Jang , July 8th, 2021

The partial biographies presented in this piece are situated as stoppages that mark generational experiences of structural change in South Korea. In Part I, I considered how biographies…


Reciprocal Vulnerability in the Face of Patriarchal Violence

Pascale Schild , July 7th, 2021

“Everything is research data.” As PhD students we must have heard this statement from teachers, mentors, and supervisors a hundred times. The advice points to the widely held…


#Fieldnotes: Dreams and Personal Pursuits in Seoul: Part I

James Bo Gyu Jang , July 6th, 2021

In this piece, I document partial biographies of two residents of Seoul that were narrated across the course of fieldwork between 2019 and 2020. These fieldnotes consider what…


Strange Bedfellows: On Trauma and Ethnographic Vulnerability

Sandhya Fuchs , July 5th, 2021

I never expected that laughter would be part of the solution. I had set out on fieldwork with rather vague notions about the importance of sensitivity and silence…


Inviting disasters

Eleni Kotsira , May 14th, 2021

One particularly warm morning in September 2020, I am looking at photographs and videos in the media depicting the aftermath of medicane (Mediterranean hurricane) Ianós that just rampaged…


Anglo-American hegemony in contemporary anthropology: Some personal dilemmas

David Berliner , April 23rd, 2021

Disclaimer: Over the last few days, I have had a writing episode. Nothing had come out of my brain for months. I was teaching online and worrying about…


Immerse Yourselves!

Verena Niepel , April 17th, 2021

Imagine Gustav Klimt’s tender motifs, with their gleaming, golden elements, projected onto huge concrete walls. This fascinating vision has become an immersive exhibition at the new ‘Les Bassin…