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What is the Museum Anthropology Review Business (Labor) Model?

Jason Baird Jackson , June 17th, 2018

Alternate title: How to give away $99,000 worth of articles. Although it has become normalized in open access/scholarly publication reform discussions to speak in this way, it often…

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What is the current status of confidentiality and non-disclosure policies at HAU?

Jason Baird Jackson , June 13th, 2018

What is the current status of confidentiality and non-disclosure policies at HAU? Why can’t the policies be published? Those are my questions. This is my context. Alex Golub…

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The Free-to-Readers Edition of Material Vernaculars: Objects, Images, and Their Social Worlds

Jason Baird Jackson , October 1st, 2016

As I discussed in a previous post, works in the Material Vernaculars series are being made available in a free-to-readers PDF edition via IUScholarWorks. The eponymous edited collection Material…

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Open Anthropology Features Food Anthropology

reblack , July 8th, 2016

The June 2016 issue of Open Anthropology is dedicated to Food Anthropology. Many SAFN members are featured in this open-access selection of articles and reviews from American Anthropological Associat…


Anthropology without Borders? Bringing the Study of People to the People

Gamwell , February 8th, 2016

Join TAL as they explore the meaning and movements behind the buzz words that shape anthropology when it reaches beyond the classroom. Applied, Public, Design, and Open Anthropology….

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Reflections and Reports on Open Access Published in the New Issue of Cultural Anthropology (@culanth)

Jason Baird Jackson , May 24th, 2014

The new, May 2014 issue of Cultural Anthropology is out now. It is the second issue of the journal to be made freely available online, which means anyone…

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Check Out the New Anthropod Podcast on Open Access

Jason Baird Jackson , February 20th, 2014

I really enjoyed listening to the new Anthropod podcast on open access in anthropology. Focusing on the move of Cultural Anthropology to an open access model, hosts Bascom…

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Its Like Woodie Guthrie’s Grand Coulee Dam, Only Its a Green #OA Policy for the UC System

Jason Baird Jackson , August 3rd, 2013

“But now the greatest wonder is in Uncle Sam’s fair land…” Someone needs to write a song in the style of Woodie Guthrie’s tunes celebrating the impressiveness and…

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