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DragNet: January 16 – January 31, 2018

ngraulich , February 6th, 2018

Image from projects.bettergov.org DragNet is back, with a recap of a number articles that came up last month in our twitter feed. In World News, we have a…


Free Your Mind, the Text Will Follow (Working With Text 1)

Kerim , January 18th, 2018

While I’ve written a fair amount of software reviews and how to guides in the past, this year I thought I’d do something different. This is the first…


Book Review: Open Data and the Knowledge Society by Bridgette Wessels, Kush Wadhwa, Rachel L. Finn and Thordis Sveinsdottir

Rose Deller , November 23rd, 2017

In Open Data and the Knowledge Society, authors Bridgette Wessels, Kush Wadhwa, Rachel L. Finn and Thordis Sveinsdottir place the management of open data ecosystems at the heart of the…

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Coding Culture III: Four More (Advanced) Hacks for the Digital Anthropology Classroom

Katherine Cook , April 20th, 2017

This is the third post in a multi-part blog series in which Katherine Cook shares her experiences integrating digital anthropology into her teaching. The applications for digital technology in…

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