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john hutnyk , January 10th, 2022

Sir Fancis Drake – whose lucre profits helped Queen Elizabeth get out of debt and invest in the Levant and then the East India Company, from which in…


Opium and Political Economy in Bengal

john hutnyk , January 4th, 2022

On why I think Marx’s writing style is misrepresented by the all-too-dour and serious commentators on Capital – you know, the famous ones published by big presses or…


Opium in HCMC

john hutnyk , September 27th, 2021

A lockdown post. Looking forward to continuing to explore the city one great meal at a time. Here are some of my notes on La Manufacture d’Opium, at…


Der große Drache auf Crystal Meth: Chinas Netzbürger und die Drogen

Kai Fornahl , October 18th, 2016

China hat mit einem wachsenden Drogenproblem zu kämpfen. Westliche Kommentatoren empfehlen Entkriminalisierung und eine rationale Drogenpolitik. Chinas Netzbürger befürworten dennoch das strenge Vorge…

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