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Records of the Cascades Watlala Removal to Grand Ronde

Ethnohistory Research, LLC | David G. Lewis, PhD , September 26th, 2021

Joel Palmer’s letters during his superintendency lend themselves to a timeline for the removal of most tribes. Palmer penned orders and received reports from his Indian agents, sub…


Stories of Change Among the Clackamas at Grand Ronde

David G. Lewis' Ethnohistory Research, LLC , June 28th, 2018

The Clackamas Come to Grand Ronde Reservation Preparing to Leave The Clackamas are addressed in letters as living in small encampments near Oregon City. They likely had a…


Drucker’s Records of Clackamas Villages

David G. Lewis' Ethnohistory Research, LLC , June 7th, 2018

The Clackamas (Tlakamas) lived along the Clackamas river and along the lower Willamette. Their villages and associated territorial claims extended from Willamette Falls to the Willamette Slough. Schol…