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From Mink to the Wild: COVID-19 through the Mirror of Sylvatic Plague by Jules Skotnes-Brown

Jules Skotnes-Brown , April 2nd, 2021

Even as pandemic response is focused on understanding, controlling and preventing COVID-19 among humans, a ghost haunts epidemiological concerns about the disease: reverse-zoonotic sylvatic Covid. Or…


Social Inequality in Times of Pandemics

Chelsea Horton , June 19th, 2020

We should not expect COVID-19 to behave in the same way as historical pandemics of plague. But both show how inequalities exacerbate mortality outcomes. It’s a gorgeous, warm…

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Revisiting Defoe, or: Why History Matters in the Time of Covid-19

Rebecca_Irons , April 28th, 2020

CATHERINE TOURANGEAU Why should history matter in times of crisis? The question is worth pondering. Historians and history teachers are not on the front lines, fighting for people’s…

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The Plague of Inequality in Madagascar

Elyse Bailey , July 8th, 2016

As Earth’s climate and species assemblages rapidly change, emergent zoonoses—diseases that spill over from nonhuman animal to human populations—are outpacing modern medical solutions. Contributors to …

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