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抖音拓扑:网关、筛子、圆顶 | A topology of TikTok: Gateway, sieve, dome

Gabriele , June 26th, 2021

An article with a rather long history has come out on the International Journal of Communication: titled Gateways, sieves and domes: On the infrastructural topology of the Chinese…

→Gabriele de Seta

Seeing like a state of exception | 例外状态的视角

Gabriele , March 12th, 2020

In a bittersweet combination of personal achievement and global emergency, I moved to Norway and started working on a new research project right when the COVID-19 epidemic started…

→Gabriele de Seta

NEW! — Plácido Muñoz Morán: Writing on “Walking in Barcelona”

Focaal Web Editor , February 11th, 2016

The planning of fieldwork in anthropology is always shaped by a combination of expectation, uncertainty, and adventure. Before I began my own fieldwork in Barcelona in 2013, I…


NEW! — John Levack Drever: Sublime-sound-of-the-one-hand [Ryōan-ji]

Focaal Web Editor , August 3rd, 2015

My soundscape composition Sublime-sound-of-the-one-hand [Ryōan-ji] sounds out the acoustic ecology of the “quintessential … karesansui dry landscape garden” (UNESCO 1993: 41) Or, put another way, to …


What’s our conclusion? Introducing ‘scalable sociality’

Daniel Miller , June 16th, 2015

Scalable Sociality Right now we are finishing the last of our eleven volumes from this project, a book which will be called How the World Changed Social Media….

→Global Social Media Impact Study

Andrea Luka Zimmerman: Estates of being: Thoughts on the place of living and working

Focaal Web Editor , April 23rd, 2015

“Between the experience of living a normal life at this moment on the planet and the public narratives being offered to give a sense of that life, the…