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Deaf and Incarcerated in the U.S.

Deaf incarcerated people may have trouble accessing prison programming and educational opportunities due to a lack of necessary accommodations. Michael Williamson/The Washington …


What Makes Vaccines Social?

[no-caption] Luis Alvarez/Getty Images Now is a pressing time for vaccinating the U.S. population (and the world) against COVID-19. But there are …


The Dead Must Be Counted

Crosses bear the names of the dead and the missing along a migrant trail connecting Mexico to Arizona. Christina Felschen In the …


Police Violence and the Pandemic

[no-caption] Angus Greig SAPIENS host Jen Shannon interviews Laurence Ralph, a professor of anthropology at Princeton University. Ralph is also a co-director …


What Is Anthropology?

The “study of humanity” applies to many fields, but anthropology looks at people in a unique way. Orbon Alija/Getty Images Ask SAPIENS …