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Dimitris Dalakoglou, Georgos Poulimenakos: The Past is on Fire: Wildfires, (Un)imagined Communities and the Shift to the Tourism of the 1%

focaal_admin , September 30th, 2021

In Greece, during the summer of 2021, we saw again a proliferation of wildfires that went on for days, like in 2020. While the climate change argument makes…


Dragan Djunda: Transition to nowhere: Small hydro, little electricity, and large profits in Serbia

focaal_admin , April 9th, 2021

When you enter the House of culture in Dojkinci, a small village on Stara Mountain, you are instantly amazed by its floor. The freshly painted red, green, and…


Felix Lussem: Alienating “facts” and uneven futures of energy transition

focaal_admin , April 7th, 2021

We are in the middle of the Rhineland’s lignite mining region, a semi-urban to rural area in the west of Germany. The landscape is considerably altered by past…


Accumulation by media saturation

Ryan , July 7th, 2019

Palapa-lined beach on the East Cape of BCS, Mexico. Photo: Ryan Anderson, 2012. Recently, I was at the doctor’s office (I’m fine, thanks) and I started sifting through…


“Radical Bricoleurs”: On Doing Science, Community Life, Activism and Bureaucracy in Mozambique

colinhoag , October 18th, 2018

By Anselmo Matusse, University of Cape Town § One day I was walking with Mr. Angelo, 69 years old, a former Renamo soldier, demobilized in 1994, who is now…


Designs for the Pluriverse — [book review]

Matt Thompson , August 27th, 2018

In Designs for the Pluriverse : Radical Interdependence, Autonomy, and the Making of Worlds, theorist and distinguished critic of development Arturo Escobar joins a chorus of works that…


Weeds, Herbicides, and Bodies: Emerging Entanglements in Toxic Agricultural Landscapes

colinhoag , March 8th, 2018

By Tony VanWinkle, Sterling College § Dedicated to the memory of Jackie Dill. Pigweed. Photo by author. Shortly after the unexpected death of friend and mentor Jackie Dill, I…


New book on Water Justice

jeremy schmidt , March 7th, 2018

This looks like quite a nice collection from Cambridge University Press. Water Justice Edited by Rutgerd Boelens, Tom Perreault, and Jeroen Vos Book description Water justice is becoming…

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On Contamination: Conservation Science in Devilish Landscapes

colinhoag , January 23rd, 2018

By Meredith Root-Bernstein, Institut National de Recherche Agronomique, Grignon, France § When you first see the gold mine in Alhué you are impressed by how massive the cascade of…


In Search of the Toxic Berry Patch

colinhoag , December 12th, 2017

By Janelle Baker, McGill University § In Memory of the late “Cibomb” Clement Auger Cibomb. Photo by Janelle Baker. Rattling down a dusty oil field road in his little…


Presence to Influence: Examining the Politics of Representation in Global Environmental Governance

therezamiller , October 11th, 2017

By: Kimberly Marion Suiseeya (Department of Political Science, Northwestern University)[1] Laura Zanotti (Department of Anthropology and Center for the Environment, Purdue University)[2] Kate Haapala …


Cultivating the Nile: An Interview with Jessica Barnes

colinhoag , July 26th, 2016

Cultivating the Nile: The Everyday Politics of Water in Egypt By Jessica Barnes 248pp. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. § Colin Hoag (UC Santa Cruz and Aarhus University)…