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A Trinket, a Trifle, and a Novel New Disciple: Fandoms and Consecrated Commodities

The Familiar Strange , April 10th, 2022

Religious commodification is an arena that has gained increasing interest among social scientists, especially where religious symbols and artefacts are being appropriated by both adherents and non-adh…

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Marcel Danesi discusses his book on memes and pop culture

| , January 13th, 2020

https://brill.com/view/title/54309 Interview by Leila Mzali Leila Mzali: How did you initially become interested in the study of youth and pop culture? How did you realize that memes, while…

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Life Lessons From Prince: Four Things I learned After Four Days at Paisley Park. Part 3

thenarcissisticanthropologist , June 1st, 2017

(photo credit 3. Embrace your weird. It’s what changes the world for the better. Prince was certainly not a human you would describe as “ordinary” or “mainstream” or…

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Cryonics and Death

Joyce Shin , January 29th, 2017

     A few months ago, there was a story in the news that relates to an interesting aspect of death— cryonics. Cryonics is the science of using…

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A Geek’s Guide to the 2016 PCA/ACA Conference

Emma Louise Backe , March 21st, 2016

By Emma Louise Backe This week, Nick Mizer and I will be headed out to Seattle, Washington to attend the annual PCA/ACA Conference. Popular culture itself is a…

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How to Develop Sherlock Holmes-Like Powers of Observation and Deduction

sydneyyeager , January 20th, 2016

This is an amazing little article about Observation and Deduction. I’d recommend anyone considering going into anthropology to give it a read. It’s also a great little refresher…

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“I’m crazy for the moment.” A quest for rituals #1

csabaracs , June 20th, 2015

„-T.: OMG! Doherty claims he’s clean. That’s not Doherty anymore. ”Sex, Drugs and rock’n’roll” prince of the 21th (sic) century is now dead to me. – T. added:…


“There is no world.” The troubled imagination of a hipster band

csabaracs , June 12th, 2015

In 2013 I moved to Riga, Latvia for an entire year to teach and proceed in a self-constructed ethnographic project. At times dreams came true, yes, they did,…


Fighting an Invisible Enemy in Liberia: the Use of Popular Culture Against Ebola

Ingrid Gercama , March 31st, 2015

Two boys manifest the importance of dance in Liberian culture. Dressed in their best attire they shake their legs and tap their feet, with their faces composed throughout…

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Creating The Culture That Will Change The World

thenarcissisticanthropologist , January 5th, 2015

  I’ve had a bit of an absence from the blogosphere lately.  Not for lack of inspiration and desire to pontificate on the quirks of consumer culture –…

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#Mockthevote: A Case Study in Democratic Media Practice

puellaludens , December 2nd, 2012

Media practice and the 2012 elections: Theorizing new models of democratic participation This case study is named after a hashtag that was trending on Twitter during the three presidential…

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