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Can academics change the world?

Fran Barone , January 19th, 2020

Via The Conversation: Research and creative thinking can change the world. This means that academics have enormous power. But, as academics Asit Biswas and Julian Kirchherr have warned,…


Allied Encounters on a Mountain Top #Retreat

Allegra , March 20th, 2017

Two weeks ago a group of Allies got together in the French Alps in order to enjoy walks in the beautiful mountainous scenery, cozy up in front of the…


Anthropology Blogging 101: PopAnth

Emma Louise Backe , April 8th, 2016

This post is part of the Anthropology Blogging 101 series. In this edition of Anthropology Blogging, we welcome Erin Taylor, Managing Editor at PopAnth.  Could you tell us a…

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Why popular anthropology?

Elisabetta Costa , November 27th, 2015

  The core mission of anthropology is the understanding of human behaviour in a world full of cultural and historical diversity. The anthropological commitment to this immense plurality…

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Free compilation of popular anthropology

Erin B Taylor , November 24th, 2014

Want to read popular anthropology but don’t know where to start? A few of us fans got together and compiled a booklet of short articles by anthropologists from…

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New PopAnth launched!

Erin B Taylor , November 19th, 2014

On behalf of PopAnth’s editorial team, I am pleased to announce that today we launched a new version of PopAnth – Hot Buttered Humanity! The new version is…

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