Tag: #PostCoronaUniversity

#PostCoronaUniversity: an opportunity for Argentine and Brazilian social sciences?

Ana Marcela França , July 17th, 2020

Nowadays, most people are asking themselves what will happen in the coming months. In this time of COVID-19, it is not just the present that is under threat…


Imagining the #PostCoronaUniversity in Brazil

Claiton da Silva , June 29th, 2020

Frequently, we Brazilian scholars have received concerned questions from foreign colleagues asking what the h… is happening in Brazil. In fact, the situation in the country since June…


Towards anthropological self-de-confinement #PostCoronaUniversity

Ruy Llera Blanes , June 25th, 2020

While we now seem to be approaching post-confinement, and after the closure of campuses and improvised conversion to online teaching, there has been much discussion regarding the long-term…


You have to strike, assholes!!! #PostCoronaUniversity

Alessandro Chidichimo , June 18th, 2020

You ask, “What concrete actions can we take?” You have to strike, assholes! We need to take the example of Aboubakar Soumaoro in Italy, who organized the 21…