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Writing Life No. 11: An interview with Susan Frohlick by Amy Speier

Amy Speier , May 20th, 2021

Figure 1. Sue’s writing space in the beautiful Syilx (Okanagan) Nation territory. With Scooter, the family’s unruly cat. The development of our writing dyad has unfolded organically over…


Medical Anthropology and Practice of Medicine in Health Issues by Awah Kum Tchouaffi

Awah Kum Tchouaffi , December 30th, 2020

Abstract: It is known through anthropological literature that African countries are distinguished by a category of medicine that many specialists call ethnomedicine or traditional African medicine. F…


Writing Life No. 2: An interview with Adia Benton by Patrick Mbullo

Patrick Mbullo , December 11th, 2020

Figure 1: Adia’s writing space “A special thanks to all the elders who ever told me to learn to be still. Research need not be running around in…


Writing Life No. 1: An interview with Rachel Prentice by Andrea Wojcik

Andrea Wojcik , December 4th, 2020

Figure 1: Rachel’s writing space with friend Jasper (2007-2019) (Photograph by Rachel Prentice) Rachel E. Prentice is a no muss, no fuss anthropologist of medicine, technology, and the…


New Book from Ingrid Stefanovic – The Wonder of Water: Lived Experience, Policy, and Practice

jeremy schmidt , April 25th, 2019

This is a great looking new title edited by Ingrid Stefanovic here with the University of Toronto Press. Facing droughts, floods, and water security challenges, society is increasingly…

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Ethical dilemmas, anthropological practice, and principles #HauTalk

Proshant Chakraborty , July 13th, 2018

Hautalk is an opportunity to reinvigorate and remake our disciplinary identities. But how can we move this discussion beyond disciplinary boundaries—into spaces where we practice our craft? This…


First RAI Photo Salon

Haidy Geismar , January 30th, 2017

Haidy Geismar,  UCL Anthropology and Chair of the R.A.I Photo Committee On December 8, 2016, the Photography Committee of the Royal Anthropological Institute convened its first Photo Salon….

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