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Anglo-American hegemony in contemporary anthropology: Some personal dilemmas

David Berliner , April 23rd, 2021

Disclaimer: Over the last few days, I have had a writing episode. Nothing had come out of my brain for months. I was teaching online and worrying about…


Prem Kumar Rajaram: The Moral Economy of Precarity

focaal_admin , February 9th, 2021

The authors of The Anthropological Career in Europe (Fotta, Ivancheva and Pernes 2020) have made visible the inequality and hierarchy that has become increasingly normalized in higher education…


Did Einstein really say that?

Alberto Acerbi , September 19th, 2018

The phenomenon of online diffusion of misattributed quotes is so widespread that got its own dedicated meme. You may have seen a picture of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th…

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Affiliation is power (without irony)

eli , May 27th, 2016

As many of my readers probably know, the big¬†controversy in my field this year (in American cultural anthropology) has been about¬†a proposed boycott of Israeli academic institutions, essentially…