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Coming to #SCA2016: Infrastructures of Collaboration

Angela VandenBroek , April 12th, 2016

I am excited to announce with my co-organizer, Amy Robbins, that our panel for the biennial meeting of the Society for Cultural Anthropology has been accepted and is…

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Friends on Facebook for 46 Years: Difference in Experiencing Technical Difficulty

Angela VandenBroek , December 31st, 2015

Where did the 46 Years come from? You didn’t become Facebook friends 46 years ago. So, where does the number come from. It isn’t random. It is a…

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It Knows the World: What the Wolfram Language Can Teach Anthropologists about the Problematic Nature of Ontological Approaches (#AAA2014)

Angela VandenBroek , December 6th, 2014

Here is the prezi (with audio) of my presentation from the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting for 2014. It Knows the World: What the Wolfram Language Can Teach Anthropologists…

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