Resisting Psychiatric Temporalities in “Post-Conflict” Colombia

Chelsea Horton , April 1st, 2021

Post-traumatic stress disorder fails to account for the psychosocial issues that arise in the wake of peace. We need nonpathological frameworks to give FARC ex-combatants the support they…

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Methods of Motherhood: The Borderlands of Scholarship, Motherhood, and Trauma

Trauma and Resilience , August 13th, 2019

Anthrodendum welcomes guest blogger Melinda González. She is a PhD Candidate at Louisiana State University in the department of Geography and Anthropology, pursuing a doctorate in Anthropology. She is…


Emotions of Friendship: The Psychological Challenges of Doing Fieldwork in Xinjiang

thenewethnographer , April 10th, 2019

  Lisa Ernst is trained in Cultural Anthropology, Chinese Studies and Islamic Studies and is currently a PhD student in Central Asian Studies at the Berlin Graduate School…

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