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Caroline McKusick takes the page 99 test

| , September 27th, 2021

I find myself, on page 99, in the middle of a crisis of translation. Unsurprising, given that my “in” to dissertation fieldwork resembled that of many anthropologists, who…

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Barney Bate’s book, Protestant Textuality and the Tamil Modern

| , August 16th, 2021

https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=33334 Hannah Carlan interviews E. Annamalai, Francis Cody, and Constantine V. Nakassis Hannah Carlan: Bernard Bate’s posthumous book Protestant Textu…

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Hallie Wells comments on p. 99 of her dissertation

| , October 15th, 2018

My dissertation examines how slam poets in Madagascar have forged a novel form of public discourse that emphasizes both freedom of speech and accountability for one’s speech. This…

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Harri Englund on his new book, Gogo Breeze

| , July 23rd, 2018

Interview by Ilana Gershon http://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/G/bo27256361.html Ilana Gershon: While this book ostensibly focuses on one radio presenter, because Gogo Breeze interacts w…

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William Mazzarella on his new book, The Mana of Mass Society

| , July 16th, 2018

http://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/M/bo25265716.html Interview by Elayne Oliphant Elayne Oliphant: As you acknowledge, this is clearly a “theory book.” But I’d like to start by asking y…

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The hybrid media space of nerd politics

John Postill , January 25th, 2017

Invited paper to the ECPR joint sessions workshop on Digital Media and the Spatial Transformation of Public Contention, Nottingham, UK, 27-30 April 2017. Abstract The rise of WikiLeaks,…


The anthropologist as a curious subaltern? Thoughts on precarity and publics

Proshant Chakraborty , April 10th, 2016

The title of this post is meant to provoke. Or so I hoped, when I first thought of it one night as I was cooking (a very thought-inspiring…

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