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Seasonal Knowledge and Arab Gulf Almanacs

tabsir , May 28th, 2022

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book: Seasonal Knowledge and the Almanac Tradition of the Arab Gulf. Details about the book, including a free…


Qatar and the World Cup – Questions and Answers

Joel Abdelmoez , May 24th, 2022

A while ago, a Swedish reporter asked me to answer a few questions about Qatar and the World Cup. The segment eventually got cut, but since I had…


Reclaiming “Allahu Akbar” from Semantic Pejoration

Adam Hodges , August 1st, 2018

Allāhu akbar, the Arabic phrase meaning “God is the greatest,” has gained connotations in US public discourse that differ vastly from its meaning among Muslims. Understanding this process…

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Why Al-Jazeera America Never Gained Traction

MPeterson , November 28th, 2017

“Can Al Jazeera English leverage its ‘Egypt moment’ into an American audience?” That question was asked back in 2011 by William Youmans and Katie Brown in a 2011 article…


Flora of Qatar

tabsir , April 9th, 2016

For anyone interested in photographs of the flora of Qatar, there is a fine website produced by Dr. Alexey Sergeev. You can even search by species. Overall the…