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Iranian Art Exhibition

tabsir , December 13th, 2021

The James Simon Galerie of the Staatliuche Museen zu Berlin has an ongoing exhibition on Iranian art. Click here for details.


Maraqten on the Qur’an in light of Pre-Islamic Inscriptions

tabsir , April 26th, 2021

Dr. Muhammad Maraqten, the distinguished archaeologist and specialist on ancient pre-Islamic languages of the Arabian Peninsula, delivered a lecture almost a year ago on our knowledge of the…


Apostasy and the Prophet

tabsir , April 16th, 2021

There is an excellent discussion of the origins and extent of apostasy laws in Islamic contexts by Dr. Ahmet Kuru,  Porteous Professor of Political Science at San Diego…


Views of al-Shihr on the Hadrami Coast

dvarisco , February 13th, 2021

In 1991 while on a World Bank consultancy in Aden, I had an opportunity to visit al-Shihr on the Hadrami coast. Here are some scenes from that trip….


Arabic Writing before Islam

tabsir , May 29th, 2016

In most world history survey courses, Arabia is introduced for the first time only as backstory to the rise of Islam. We’re told that there was a tradition…


Anthropological Irony

Whitney Carter , January 8th, 2016

Cultural Relativism and the Destruction of Cultural Artifacts by the Islamic State Nimrud Assyria, Lamassus Guarding Palace Entrance, Before Destruction. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons. Cultural rel…

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