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My Petrochemical Love

Chelsea Horton , April 22nd, 2020

For women of color on Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, everyday environmental and climate activism is entangled with intimate lives. It is April, and it is hot and humid in…

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Refusal as Care

Alexandra Frankel , June 4th, 2019

It was my second time attending the neighborhood association meeting in the community where I was doing fieldwork. The association president had invited me, saying he thought it…

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Language, Power, and Pot: Speaking of Cannabis as Medicine

Carole McGranahan , September 1st, 2016

By: Elisa (EJ) Sobo The US cannabis landscape is shifting quickly, and so is the way we talk about the plant and its uses. The push to end…

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Ethnographic Refusal: A How to Guide

Alex Zahara , August 8th, 2016

Refusal is a method whereby researchers and research participants together decide not to make particular information available for use within the academy. Here are some strategies for identifying…

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