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Remembering War & Hardship


AUTO-PAGE-TITLE It was usual to find portraits of ancestors hanging in the living rooms of each of the family compounds. Acting like …

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The Photo Album

AUTO-PAGE-TITLE I I am looking through a series of matt photos that are organised in an album. They have each been carefully …

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Living in Ruins

AUTO-PAGE-TITLE After a long day of pickling peppers and cooking ajwar in the yard, Arieta[1] joined me on the shilte, a foam …

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The Tape

AUTO-PAGE-TITLE Apart from the wind the only sound that can be heard is the grinding of metal shovels breaking the rocky earth. …

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In Memory’s Painful Grip

  War was on everybody’s lips. There was an impending sense of anticipation as Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia loomed large.[1] …

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