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Resurrecting a wolf for conservation?

fstammle , June 22nd, 2022

Many herders, especailly in the Sub-Arctic, are threatened by the increased number of wolves, eating entire reindeer herds. In Australia they go the opposite way now: they try…

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The researchers that search engines make invisible

clearstaff , June 10th, 2021

I went to the university’s article database but finding this paper again wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

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Waking up to the politics of citation

clearstaff , June 10th, 2021

I found myself shocked by the importance of citation, and particularly by my lack of awareness of the impact my citing could have on others.

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Disrupting medical anthropology: Views from Kenya and Cameroon on how to build a more inclusive discipline by Moïse Mvetumbo

Moïse Mvetumbo , December 23rd, 2020

Medical anthropologists often strive to disrupt typical public health and medical discourses, in part by questioning the broader applicability of individualized psychological concepts and biomedical …


Future Arctic Ecosystems revisited or reindeer herding at the verge of extinction?

fstammle , October 28th, 2019

30 Oct, 14:00, Rovaniemi, Arktikum, 2nd floor, coffee room. The world’s northernmost herding horses? at work in herding reindeer, Kharaulakh, Laptev Sea In this Wednesday Afternoon Coffee Chat…

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Web Round Up: Clinical Trials on Trial by Moira Kyweluk

Moira Kyweluk , May 2nd, 2018

This month saw breaking news web-wide on one aspect of medicine that has drawn critiques and support from both social scientists and biomedical experts: clinical trials. Drug trials…