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What is the difference between a generalisation and a stereotype?

Daniel Miller , January 5th, 2016

All anthropologists would agree that stereotypes cause harm and should be avoided. Yet anthropology mainly consists of generalisations about groups of people: the Nuer do this, the Trobriand…

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Fieldwork is haunting me, thanks to WhatsApp

Juliano Andrade Spyer , November 3rd, 2015

When is the end of fieldwork? (Photo:Merlijn Hoek CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) When is it that fieldwork finishes? Thanks to social media, the separation between being in the fieldsite…

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Surveying Social Relationships

Daniel Miller , October 2nd, 2015

One of the chapters of our forthcoming book How the World Changed Social Media, which will be published as an Open Access book by UCL Press in February…

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Personal and public aesthetics: What I learned from my own visceral reactions in the field

ucsanha , June 25th, 2015

Photo by Nell Hayes   At first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but over the first several months in my fieldsite in northern Chile I…

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A methodological case of comparative anthropology

Juliano Andrade Spyer , June 8th, 2015

Image Courtesy Quinn Dombrowski (Creative Commons) I hear from colleagues in our department that completing a PhD can often be a solitary experience. Anthropologists tend to accept the fact that socia…

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