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What Is This Lahu Thing Called Love?

Alexandra Frankel , January 28th, 2019

How pop music videos perform a simultaneously Lahu and modern identity. As the music video begins, we see a young man waiting anxiously, peering through a gate. A…

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Love and the Pursuit of Home after War

Alexandra Frankel , January 25th, 2019

Among Acholis, ideals of home and a good life are resilient even if everyday realities increasingly diverge from such aspirations. There is a tendency to think about love…

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Looking for Mr. Right Now

Alexandra Frankel , January 25th, 2019

What we talk about when we talk about Tinder. I have never been good at dating. I simply refused to acknowledge the subtleties and rituals of courtship, to…

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Ep. #19 Anthro & policy-making, digital disruption, online research, & what is love? This month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , August 5th, 2018

This month, Simon starts us off (1:08) asking, how can we make the knowledge we gain from anthropology matter for policy and government? “There’s no reason why [anthropology]…

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Women on the market: Internet romance in Cameroon

John Postill , January 23rd, 2016

I am currently posting on this blog some notes under the broad theme of media and change in preparation for the volume Postill, J., E. Ardevol and S….


The Sexual Lives of Others

Paul Manning , May 25th, 2015

The sexual lives of others. It may seem a new and tantalizing topic for an ethnography, yet this particular genre has a long history in anthropology. In the…

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