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A Jewel of a Book by Marjorie Ransom

tabsir , May 11th, 2021

AIYS member and long-time supporter Marjorie Ransom published her beautifully illustrated and diligently researched book on Yemeni silverwork in 2014 .  This is a must for anyone interested…


Handbook of Yemen (1917)

tabsir , April 10th, 2021

In 1917 the British government issued a handbook on Yemen with details on the geography. local tribes and important individuals. It is especially useful for discussion of travel…


Photoshopping the Yemen War

tabsir , October 30th, 2015

A new post on MENA Tidningen…


As Sanaa Becomes Aleppo

tabsir , September 9th, 2015

With reports of Saudi coalition troops massing on the border to invade Yemen, the situation in Yemen gets even more dangerous. Will the beautiful Old City of Sanaa…