Chinas Wildtiermärkte nach dem Ausbruch von COVID-19 – Tradition contra Tierschutz

Kai Fornahl , May 7th, 2020

Die meisten Menschen in China verurteilten schon vor Ausbruch des neuen SARS-Virus den Wildtierhandel. Allerdings sind Wildtiermärkte traditionell in Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft des Landes fest verank…

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Reflecting on SARS, 17 years and two flu-like epidemics later by Katherine A. Mason

Katherine A. Mason , March 16th, 2020

On April 12, 2003, I was evacuated from my post teaching English at Zhongshan University in Guangzhou, China. I packed my belongings into two suitcases and a duffle…


Going Viral in Hong Kong

Laura Meek , March 3rd, 2020

Disease is but the most obvious part of an epidemic. As coronavirus spreads, it fuels many other kinds of contagious forces. AN editor’s note: How can anthropology help…

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Untimely Ends and the Pandemic Imaginary by Christos Lynteris

Christos Lynteris , July 8th, 2016

It was one of those typical late spring afternoons in Beijing, when the desert sand blowing from the North begins to give way to an electric atmosphere more…


Where Has SARS Gone? The Strange Case of the Disappearing Coronavirus by Robert Peckham

Robert Peckham , June 8th, 2016

The emergence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in China’s Guangdong Province in the winter of 2002 was an exemplary spillover event: it marked the passage of a…