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Ep. #44: Digitising Migrants: Annalisa Pelizza on the European immigration crisis in an age of Big Data

Jodie-Lee Trembath , August 18th, 2019

“Migration issues in Europe are a hot topic right now – it’s not news that they have been used in the last 50 years as a way to…

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Deepfakes, words vs actions, hatred in anthropology and social dissociation: This month on TFS (Re-Release)

The Familiar Strange , August 4th, 2019

On this month’s panel episode, digital anthropologist Dr Stephanie Betz (5:50) discusses “deepfakes”. It’s been possible to doctor images to a very high degree of believability for a…

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Ep. #38 When good intention isn’t enough: Jacqui Hoepner on morally repulsive public health research & academic freedom

Julia Brown , May 26th, 2019

“I went into this thinking that objectivity and neutrality were the Name of the Game. That you couldn’t do good research if you were in any way biased…

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Ep. #22 Just the way things are: Steve Woolgar talks mundane governance, & the rules that run our lives

Jodie-Lee Trembath , September 16th, 2018

“Although this stuff is very ordinary, very day-to-day, very unremarkable… it’s actually quite dangerous, too.” Steve Woolgar, emeritus professor at the Saïd School of Business…

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What the Tech Sector Could Learn from Anthropology

The Familiar Strange , July 18th, 2018

Technology is a social tool that requires understanding of social and cultural factors for it to be a driver of equality. Failing to incorporate an anthropological perspective into…

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Stephen Hawking, Dis-Incorporated

Jodie-Lee Trembath , April 11th, 2018

As Helene Mialet’s ethnography examines the role of his assistants, his students, and the media in the social construction of ‘Stephen Hawking: the great genius’, she also shows…

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Standardardizing Species: Listening to, Representing, and Universalizing Bird Sounds in the 20th Century

Alexandra Lippman , October 30th, 2014

I’m excited for Alexandra Hui’s upcoming talk November 4th at UC Davis and for the chance to act as discussant of her paper. She will be the second…

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