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Two Collections of Florida Seminole Dolls

Jason Baird Jackson , April 8th, 2020

Since beginning the social distancing era, I have taken on a small, personal project to photograph and share two collections of Florida Seminole dolls from my life. Building…

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Remembered Visits to Seminole and Miccosukee Country

Jason Baird Jackson , March 3rd, 2020

Some readers of Shreds and Patches know that I just lost my father KBJ (1935-2020). Others know that I am presently returning to my studies of craft from…

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Shreds and Patches in 2018

Jason Baird Jackson , January 1st, 2019

Which Shreds and Patches posts were most popular in 2018? These were: What is the current status of confidentiality and non-disclosure policies at HAU? Coconut Rattles in Florida…

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Material Culture Journalism, 3

Jason Baird Jackson , December 21st, 2018

Thanks to all the friends sharing the material culture journalism. Here is a new batch. The passing of Shan Goshorn is particularly sad to note. “The making of…

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