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Captive to smell by Cristina A. Pop

Cristina A. Pop , March 18th, 2022

The rise of Çatalhöyük is one of my favorite topics to cover in the Introduction to Anthropology course. Located in central Turkey, the proto-urban settlement was occupied for…


Thesis Review: Tasting Tea, Tasting China

kgraf , February 21st, 2022

Photograph: by the author – Cha xi design in Hengshan Temple event Tasting Tea, Tasting China: Tearooms and the Everyday Culture in Dalian. Yingkun Hou. Ph.D. Thesis in…


Heritage out of Control: Inheriting Love – Sensing in The Museum of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi (1207-1273)

Çiçek İlengiz , February 1st, 2022

“Muslims go to Mecca once, if they are not unnecessarily wealthy (laughing), but people of all kinds come to visit Mevlana [‘s musealized tomb] every year. Why? Because…

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Heritage Out of Control – (B)Lasting Bombs

Regina Bendix , January 26th, 2022

On January 30, 2021, more than 8000 inhabitants of Göttingen, Germany, had to evacuate their homes. Four suspected WWII bombs had been detected underground, and in order to…

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GAA 2021 Conference Diary: Atmospheric Discussions?

Tabea Scharrer , October 11th, 2021

In collaboration with the conference organisers, Allegra had reached out to a number of colleagues to submit some impressions in the form of “daily diaries” from the recent…


Ways of Looking: Alternative Encounters with Art and Artifacts

Susan Shih Chang , September 16th, 2021

“When we encounter something beautiful, we usually experience two kinds of reactions. One may be moved by learning the background of the work or the artist, while the…


Anchoring our days through the senses during South Africa’s lockdown

Joy Owen , July 20th, 2020

IWe had been in lockdown since 18th March 2020 when J.’s daycare closed for a break. A few days later, on 23rd March, South Africa’s President Ramaphosa announced…

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Wording sociality and health: COVID-19’s lexicon revisited

Elena Burgos Martínez , June 15th, 2020

Anthr{dendum} welcomes guest blogger Elena Burgos Martinez. It is all a matter of words. The recent emergence of a wealth of COVID-19-related material shows that we all narrate…


#Afterlives: A Trajectory and the Curatorial Turn

Nancy Rose Hunt , May 26th, 2020

Where did afterlives fever come from?  These reflections suggest a trajectory. Today, amid a lively eruption of usages, afterlife has moved away from longstanding meanings in religious, archaeological…


David Parisi on his new book, Archaeologies of Touch

| , June 4th, 2018

  Archaeologies of Touch (US & Canada: use promo code MN82600 for 30% off): https://www.upress.umn.edu/book-division/books/archaeologies-of-touch Archaeologies of Touch (EU: use promo code f…

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Coming to Our Senses

Gamwell , November 27th, 2017

In this Conversations episode of This Anthro Life, Adam Gamwell and Ryan Collins explore the subject of sensory ethnography –  a focus in anthropology that tends to deemphasize…

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Creative Tastebuds Symposium

reblack , April 28th, 2017

Rethinking taste. By confronting natural and human sciences this symposium raises new questions about taste. We invite the audience to wonder with us: How are the connections between…


Audiovisual research practice in the global era

Paloma Yáñez Serrano , April 17th, 2017

Time has shortened, space has shrunk, social relations have stretched and information keeps coming as intensive flows. This article explores the role audiovisual media has in reshaping time…


Fighting a wildfire on a gun range, or, the sensuous memories of #fieldwork

Lindsey Feldman , February 20th, 2017

Introduction I fought 32 wildfires over fifteen months as part of my ethnographic research. I fought them with men who are currently in prison. Many western U.S. states…


From the Archives: Asifa Majid on language and olfaction

gregdowney , September 10th, 2014

When I first ran across Asifa Majid’s  article with Ewelina Wnuk in Cognition, about how speakers of Maniq, a language indigenous to southern Thailand, have a vocabulary for…