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Is Love a Biological Reality?

Helen Fisher knows more about love than most. As a biological anthropologist who studies the topic, she has been a chief scientific …


Is the Pandemic Slowing Down Love?

[no-caption] Angus Krieg SAPIENS host Jen Shannon speaks with biological anthropologist Helen Fisher about her research on love, sex, and everything in …


What Scars Say About Sex and Stereotypes

[no-caption] Dean Krakel/Getty Images I recently noticed a curious phenomenon playing out on various television series. In Outlander, Scottish heartthrob Jamie Fraser’s …


Is Gender Unique to Humans?

[no-caption] Anup Shah/Getty Images This summer, in the introductory course I teach on the evolution and biology of human and animal behavior, …


The Myth of Badass Sperm

This scanning electron micrograph (SEM) shows healthy spermatozoa emerging from a cavity within the testis. Innerspace Imaging/Getty Images This article was originally …


Secrets of a Brothel Privy

For Jade Luiz, a graduate student in archaeology at Boston University, historical archaeology is all about detective work. Through piecing together historical …