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Funeral Home Makes Missing Body Parts

Jessica Bertram , April 11th, 2017

A funeral home in Shanghai, China has started a 3D printing repair service in an attempt to repair damaged or disfigured corpses. Body mutilation is very common in…

→Anthropological Perspectives on Death

Roundtable Report: “Globalization of Asian Cuisines”

Greg de St. Maurice , June 7th, 2016

To celebrate the publication of “Globalization of Asian Cuisines: Transnational Networks and Culinary Contact Zones,” three of the edited volume’s authors—Stephanie Assmann, James Farrer, and David Wa…


废俗 | Junklore

Gabriele , April 8th, 2016

“Redundant information, calculated as, say, the number of stickers in corners, on walls, on lampposts that it takes to build cognizance of this information in one subject, may…

→Gabriele de Seta