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Learning to write English

Daniel Miller , June 30th, 2015

Image courtesy of Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon (Creative Commons) Of our team of nine anthropologists only three are native speakers of English, two from England one from the…

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It’s not just about Chinese migrant workers

Xin Yuan Wang , June 22nd, 2015

Chinese female migrant workers working in a local reflective vest workshop. Photo by Xinyuan Wang A question always strikes me as I write up ethnography and prepare for…

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What’s our conclusion? Introducing ‘scalable sociality’

Daniel Miller , June 16th, 2015

Scalable Sociality Right now we are finishing the last of our eleven volumes from this project, a book which will be called How the World Changed Social Media….

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A methodological case of comparative anthropology

Juliano Andrade Spyer , June 8th, 2015

Image Courtesy Quinn Dombrowski (Creative Commons) I hear from colleagues in our department that completing a PhD can often be a solitary experience. Anthropologists tend to accept the fact that socia…

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Memes: The internet’s moral police

Daniel Miller , May 12th, 2015

On the face of it memes and religion would seem unlikely bedfellows, or even worthy of mention in the same discussion. Religions come to us from centuries of…

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Social media as hyper-visibility

Jolynna Sinanan , May 7th, 2015

Image courtesy of Kris A, Creative Commons   After an intensive few months of hiding away finishing our books (and neglecting this blog), we have come back together…

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