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Single Shot: Laying an Egg

Ian Pollock , October 16th, 2019

“She likes it in here,” he said. “Sometimes I have to catch the eggs so they don’t roll onto the floor.”

→The Familiar Strange

Single Shot: Tractors on Kochi Beach

The Familiar Strange , March 13th, 2019

I was used to seeing the sand coated in washed up Styrofoam, thongs, coconut shells, and water hyacinth. However, on this day I was greeted with tractors, preparing…

→The Familiar Strange

Single Shot: Interspecies Care and Responsibility

The Familiar Strange , February 27th, 2019

Dog keeping is a polluted, unholy, and prohibited practice in rural Pakistan. Many Sunni Muslims belonging to Hanfi jurisprudence consider the dog’s mere presence in a house a…

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