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Nerf Herding

Nick Mizer , February 2nd, 2018

By AP Joseph Hey there! A month into 2018, and there‚Äôs already plenty of geek action going on (gaction?) What can you expect from this column, you ask,…

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Notes From the Field: Dwelling in the Worlds that Carry Us

Nick Mizer , September 30th, 2016

After some field work in northern Canada, Marie-Pierre wrote two articles about how her field work experiences connected with imagined worlds. You should go read them, because they’re…

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Notes From the Field: Is this Skyrim?

Marie-Pierre Renaud , June 10th, 2016

Anthropologists go through some unique experiences as they conduct fieldwork. From experimenting with drugs to seeing people who have been dead for decades during a ceremony (read about…

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