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Racing for what? #Slow

In this post, Ruth Mueller explores how the compulsion for speed in academia plays out in the lives of postdocs.  Slow science …


Is #Slow Academia Conservative?

In this post, Heather Mendick argues that some calls for slowing down scholarship mask a conservative politics. Last July I blogged about how, …


#Slow Week! An introduction

Those who have followed Allegra’s adventures from its creation in 2013 will probably remember that our initial motto was “Slow down!”. Prior …


Because we’re #HAPPY? REDUX

Today we have, once again, witnessed the arrival of the World Happiness Reports – reports that claim nothing less than to offer …


REDUX: Scenes of #Gentrification

Scene One: London Soho and Bloomsbury I used to love London for its Indian and Thai vegan restaurants, vibrant queer cafes, independent …