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What Is Good, Clean, and Fair? Panel Discussion of the Choices We Make

foodanthro , June 8th, 2022

SAFN member and food and environmental anthropologist Mark Anthony ArceƱo will be hosting a panel discussion next Wednesday, June 15th, from 12-1pm EST, focusing on food and food…


Ep. #18 What taste is made of: Brad Weiss talks pig farming and the meaning of food in America

Simon Theobald , July 22nd, 2018

“Livestock are essential to our lives. We live in a world that is saturated with livestock, and not just with the food that we eat, but with the…

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Slow Fish Report: On Value Chains, the Privatization of the Seas, and the Food Movement

foodanthro , March 28th, 2016

David Beriss University of New Orleans Last month I wrote about the existence of the food movement, which a Washington Post writer had suggested did not really exist….


Slow Fish

foodanthro , February 24th, 2016

David Beriss University of New Orleans After the festivities of Carnival, we have Lent. Here in New Orleans, even if you are not Catholic, you are surrounded by…