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Det oppgraderte mennesket.

Lars Erik Volden , November 5th, 2019

Hvor sitter det som gjør deg menneskelig? I hjernen? I hendene? I sjelen? Og hvor mange deler av deg selv kan du bytte ut før du ikke lenger…

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Agriculture in Human Evolution – by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , November 1st, 2019

In his Discourse on the Origins and Foundations of Inequality among Men (1754) Jean-Jacques Rousseau was concerned, not with individual variations in natural endowments, but with…

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The Political Economy of Food in an Unequal World-by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , October 1st, 2019

Food in a New Economic Order What is ‘new’ about neo-liberalism? It is a world economic order based on selective freedom, on the freedom of money…

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Filtered Realities

Neil Turner , September 1st, 2019

In order to proceed, we must first acknowledge the more than three decades of work by a man who has been sounding the alarm concerning the…

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The Mueller Report: Highlights

Neil Turner , August 1st, 2019

The Mueller Report is probably one of the most extensive legal investigations in the history of the United States. Certainly, the circumstances necessitating it are historic…

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The Horror of War – Part 3

Neil Turner , July 1st, 2019

Sometime in June 1971, an incident occurred that completely changed my attitude toward the US Army. In fact, I was never the same again. It all…

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Eating Iran: From the delicious to the inedible

Simon Theobald , June 16th, 2019

I was having second thoughts, but pressed on safe in the knowledge that I was performing an act that would raise my esteem in the eyes of those…

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The Horror of War – Part 2

Neil Turner , June 1st, 2019

It was Christmas Eve and it just so happened that I pulled guard duty. The post I was assigned to was a 30-foot tower that stood…

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The Horror of War – Part 1

Neil Turner , May 1st, 2019

  With all the violence in the world and the ever growing movement of mankind toward more violence, it appears there is always a war somewhere…

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The Virus of Violence

Neil Turner , April 1st, 2019

In the study of epidemiology, one has an opportunity to learn about communicable and non-communicable diseases. This curriculum is usually pursued on the graduate level and…

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An Anthropologist in the World Revolution – Pt. 1 by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , February 2nd, 2019

Michael Wesch, an assistant professor of cultural anthropology at Kansas State University, well-known for his inspiring YouTube lectures and documentary shorts, has received over a hundred application…

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The Real Race Problem – Part 1

Neil Turner , December 1st, 2018

On the eve of the one-hundred and eighth anniversary of W.E.B. Du Bois’ newspaper The Crisis, we are presenting, in its entirety, a lecture from the distinguished anthropologist,…

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The Culture of Corruption

Neil Turner , November 1st, 2018

Many of us know that political corruption is not new to the world. It is an unsavory, human practice with a history that extends far back into ancient…

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On the Heartbreak of Leaving the Field: Falling in love and going home again

The Familiar Strange , October 10th, 2018

My heart was broken not by leaving individual people, but by leaving something much bigger.  It takes us too long in anthropology to learn that the communities we…

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There’s Something in the Water

Neil Turner , August 31st, 2018

A recent death in the family necessitated a return to the United States after living abroad for the past ten years. A family member in Miami has a…

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Gender and Mental health: The need for a wider lens

Julia Brown , August 8th, 2018

As the Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby powerfully put it, it would help if we didn’t start by seeing females and males as being from different planets. Experiences of…

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The Struggle for Power by Keith Hart

Neil Turner , July 1st, 2018

  Book Review: The Rise and Fall of Nations: Ten Rules of Change in the Post-Crisis World by Ruchir Sharma, London: Allen Lane, 2016; pp 464, £25. Ruchir…

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Living Fossils

The Familiar Strange , June 6th, 2018

One of the most popular jokes among anthropologists is how often our work is mistaken for palaeontology. Almost every one of my colleagues and even a few of…

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Anthropology and the New Human Universal

Neil Turner , June 1st, 2018

World society today resembles nothing so much as the eighteenth century ancient régime that Kant had every reason to believe had been abolished by revolution. Now a rich,…

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Expats, Tourists and “Matter out of Place”

Jodie-Lee Trembath , May 9th, 2018

Using Mary Douglas’s notion of matter out of place, I posit that when the government changed the law and increased their negative rhetoric about foreign workers, people like…

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Gun Violence in American Schools

Neil Turner , May 1st, 2018

There is something terribly wrong going on in American schools today. A silent epidemic is spreading throughout the country like a cancer. What does it say about a…

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The Bitcoin Controversy

Neil Turner , April 1st, 2018

Most people have already heard of Bitcoin. However, very few know what it is or how it originated. Many people know that it is some form of “cryptocurrency”…

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Brazil’s Dichotomous Treatment of Corruption – PT 3

Neil Turner , March 1st, 2018

Brazil had an opportunity to be a leading, democratic, Latin American country but it lost its sense of direction. The political system designed to assist emerging countries grow…

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Anthropological Reflections on a Family Death

The Familiar Strange , February 21st, 2018

Comparing my own experiences of death to those of the Tiwi culture that I learned of in my anthropology studies, the void that I felt in the months…

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