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Ep #56: Imagined Communities, Freedom, Death and not blaming Capitalism: This month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , April 19th, 2020

Given the recently instigated social distancing rules in Canberra, this week we bring you a special “online” episode! For the safety of everyone, and especially in line with…

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On Being Declared Missing in the Himalayas

The Familiar Strange , June 2nd, 2019

Neither the Fulbright Commission overseeing my work nor the US Embassy in Kathmandu could contact me and, in the interim, the three other visitors to Mustang had all…

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Death – The Great (In)Equalizer

Deandre , March 13th, 2017

A traditional Western European plague doctor; they were hired en masse during the “Black Death” epidemic. Retrieved from http://www.themiddleages.net/plague.html Death is an omnipotent for…

→Anthropological Perspectives on Death